Sunday, July 08, 2012

School Pressure in Singapore

Sunday Times today. Such stories of school kiasu-ism have gone on for years.

The NaviMap explains why.

Our narrow concept of success (box 1), which is the product of an elitist culture have created a vicious cycle between Box 2 and Box 3.

All our remedies so far has been to slow down this reinforcing loop, but lasting effect can only come from Box 4 - Wider Concept of Success. Tharman tried to get this started (has to be a slow process) by creating an education system and eventually a society where there are "many peaks instead of one peak". May be that is why they are investing so heavily in primary schools to make every neighborhood school a good school. This is really long term thinking but not well communicated to the people.

Errata: The blue arrow from Box 4 to Box 1 should be a dashed arrow!

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