Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Forgiveness Process

When you truly forgive (box 1) you let go of the bad memories that feed your hurt (box 1a), which was simply kept alive by Box 1c because you remember them, perhaps even nurse them! Time can cause your bad memories (box 1a) to fade but only if you do not indulge it by keep on reminding yourself about them (box 1c).

If you can really forgive (box 1), then you will eventually open yourself to rebuilding and begin to have a new view of the future (box 1f). This will help you to have new memories (box 1g) that will replace the bad old ones (box 1a). Finally you can really "forget".

You see what they say about forgiving and forgetting is not completely correct. It is more like forgiveness paving the way for new pleasant memories (box 1g) to take the place of old bad memories (box 1a). This will help you remember the old hurts differently because new memories replace bad old ones. This then is the true meaning of forgetting after you have learned to forgive.


Parisji said...

The map was brilliant. Forgiveness has the branches we must follow in order to reach peace. To reach the bad memories, to erase them replacing with good memories - in faith and love and acceptance. To forgive is to be blessed and by forgiving we are blessing the others.
We find peace and love.

Dr. D. Lloyd said...

The Forgiveness Poem is great, and this little exercise is even greater. If only we would take the steps to "map out" our anger, and selfishness when it comes to forgiving: there would be more "whole human beings" in this world.

I love this idea, and it has given me some inspirational points for a project I am working on.

Anonymous said...

This map is wonderful. Going thru a divorce I could have used this map. However, now I can see my way to the future. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have needed to forgive someone but have been "stuck' Or maybe just plain stubborn! blessings,Glo:)

Anonymous said...

If only every one could do this one simple "thing" forgive, what a wonderful world this would be.Blessings and may we all learn how to forgive. Yes Dr we all would be more "whole human beings in this world." Really liked this one.